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UNM-PNM Statewide Mathematics Contest

Sponsoring Organization: 
Sponsors: UNM Department of Mathematics and Statistics and PNM Foundation

The goal of the contest is to promote mathematics education in New Mexico by rewarding students, teachers, and their schools for mathematics excellence. Currently, the PNM Foundation has awarded a renewable yearly grant of $15,000 to fund the UNM‐PNM Statewide Mathematics Contest. About 1000‐1500 New Mexico students benefit from this program annually.

The contest has two rounds. The Round I exam is administered in November by registered schools throughout the State and also at the UNM campus for individual students. The exam is graded at UNM. In early December, Round I exam results are mailed to the respective schools. Around 200 of the top first round participants are invited to Round II which takes place in early February at the UNM campus. Parents and students from throughout the State are treated to a public lecture in the morning. Refreshments before the lecture allow UNM organizers to visit with parents and students. The Round II exam is given in the afternoon of the same day. The winners and their guests, who usually include their teachers, are invited to an award ceremony banquet at the UNM campus. The awards include books for the winners and teachers, in addition to a generous monetary prize for every winner.

Former contest exams and problems of the month in addition to information about the contest can be accessed by the internet address, http://mathcontest.unm.edu. Our goal in sponsoring the Mathematics Contest is to promote mathematical investigation and enhance problem solving skills among the students in our state.

Submission Type : 
Conference or Event
Ongoing Event: 
Event Season: 
Fall (September - November)
Winter (December - February)
Award Stipend Amount to Student: 
$100-$700 to top students in the contest
Program Contact Information
Program Contact : 
Janet and Dimiter Vassilev
jvassil [at] math.unm.edu
University or College Affiliation: 
The University of New Mexico
Is your program statewide?: 
What types of communities do you serve?(Urban/Rural): 
Target Audience: 
6-8th Grade
9-12th Grade