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Research Challenge (aka science fair!) Bootcamp

Sponsoring Organization: 
UNM STEM-H Center for Outreach, Research, & Education

The first half of the Research Challenge Bootcamp will cover the 2015-2016 rules, forms, deadlines, competition dates, etc. The second half will be hands-on and active with participants learning what good protocol paperwork looks like, understanding how to do a thorough review & provide constructive feedback to students and working in small groups to review provided case study protocols.

This workshop includes training for schools that wish to field their own Scientific Review Committee (SRC)/Institutional Review Board (IRB) in order to be able to review student research protocols (human, microorganisms, hazardous "stuff") for approval PRIOR to the start of data collection as required in the Intel ISEF Rules for Pre-College Research.

CENTRAL NM REGION ONLY: Attendance by at least ONE committee member from each school wishing to field a local SRC/IRB at the Research Challenge Bootcamp is MANDATORY!! Attendance by at least ONE person from each school planning to send students to the Regional Research Challenge is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

Submission Type : 
Professional Development
Eligibility Requirements: 
Focused on middle/high school educators & "science fair"/research challenge/expo local competition coordinators. Preference given to those from the Central NM area, but if there is space available, this workshop is open to participants from other regions in NM.
Other Location Information: 
Go to the Website Link below for this program to obtain more specific location information as final logistics are being determined.
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Event Season: 
Fall (September - November)
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Cost to Attend: 
No Cost
Award Stipend Amount to Student: 
Not Applicable
Program Contact Information
Program Contact : 
Erin Garcia, JD, Program Specialist
scifair [at] unm.edu
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Karen Kinsman, MS, Director/Sr. Program Manager
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kkinsman [at] unm.edu
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The University of New Mexico
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Northwest Region
North Central Region
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Central Region
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STEM Education PK-12
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General - Science
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General - Math
General - Healthcare
General - STEM Education and Policy