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Project Management for STEM-H Educators


You will NOT want to miss this great workshop for upper elementary, middle and high school educators! This workshop will present the foundations of Project Management as used by millions of professionals in business & industry...BUT, with a twist! We will approach the principles of Project Management and their application in terms of education professionals. Effective Project Management can be used in all facets of our lives...in classrooms, business, at home...you name it! These skills are transferrable and highly marketable across all career fields. YES, including teaching! In fact, we will talk about all the striking parallels between education, standards, and project management throughout the day.

This workshop is built on the model developed for the Society for Science & the Public's Teacher Fellows Program as well as utilizing resources/information from the Project Management Institute which is the foremost international organization certifying professional project managers. The SSP Teacher Fellows Program was built upon the idea that empowering teachers with Project Management skills would better prepare them to manage student research programs and participation in STEM competitions as well as to better manage the huge demands on their time. Karen Kinsman, MS Director of UNM STEM-H Center for Outreach, Research & Education and 2010 & 2011 SSP Teacher Fellows Institute faculty will be facilitating the workshop. Karen would like to share with you the incredible benefits of developing and utilizing Project Management skills in your lives!

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Professional Development
Eligibility Requirements: 
Open to 5th-12th grade teachers.
Event Season: 
Fall (September - November)
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Cost to Attend: 
No cost to attend. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.
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scifair [at] unm.edu
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The University of New Mexico
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Northwest Region
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Colleges and Universities
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General - STEM Education and Policy
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6-8th Grade
9-12th Grade
K-12th Grade Teachers