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Intel Math

Sponsoring Organization: 
Inquiry Facilitators, Inc

Intel Math is an 80-hour professional development course in mathematics content for K-8 teachers. The program was adapted from the Vermont Math Initiative developed by Dr. Ken Gross. The course is collaboratively taught by a practicing mathematician and a mathematics educator. One of the goals of Intel Math is that teacher participants deepen their own understanding of math through problem-solving.

Intel Math “is designed to close the gap between insufficient mathematics training of elementary school teachers and the demands of the contemporary mathematics classroom” (Kenneth Gross, on VMI ) and places emphasis on deepening the teacher participants’ understanding of core K-8 mathematics concepts.

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Eligibility Requirements: 
K-12 math teachers. While many of the techniques are for K-8, the approaches are excellent for the HS teachers who struggle with bridging the concerte to abstract concepts for the HS students still struggling.
Other Location Information: 
Contact Russ at russ@gotoif.org or call 888-527-2007 (outside Albq.) or 867-2007 (Albq area) for more info.
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Event Season: 
Year Round
Cost to Attend: 
$500. UNM graduate credit is extra
Award Stipend Amount to Student: 
$50 per class.
Intel Math
Program Contact Information
Program Contact : 
Russ Fisher-Ives
russ [at] gotoif.org
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K-12th Grade Teachers