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Brain Research Study of Creativity

Sponsoring Organization: 

Are you interested in creativity, personality, ability testing, and your brain? You are cordially invited to take part in a special research study conducted by Dr. Rex Jung and his colleagues. Dr. Jung is investigating how creativity, personality, and ability testing are manifested in the brain. You are being contacted because you have been identified as interested in or working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and are between the ages of 16-40. In order to measure these traits, you will undergo creativity, personality, and ability testing and will also have pictures taken of your brain with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The entire test may take up to 10 hours done over two days. No cost to you will be associated with participating in this study. You will be compensated (up to $100) for your time. If you are interested please contact us at (505) 272-7036 or send us an email at research@brainandbehavioral.com.

Submission Type : 
Other STEM Resource
Eligibility Requirements: 
Must be 16-40 years of age and have a strong interest in and commitment to the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
Other Location Information: 
Albuquerque, NM
Ongoing Event: 
Event Season: 
Year Round
Event Date: 
05/15/13 to 07/01/15
Program Contact Information
Program Contact : 
Rex Jung
research [at] brainandbehavioral.com
University or College Affiliation: 
The University of New Mexico
Is your program statewide?: 
State Area Options: 
Central Region
What types of communities do you serve?(Urban/Rural): 
Target Audience: 
9-12th Grade
K-12th Grade Teachers
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Underrepresented Minorities in General
Native Americans - specifically
Hispanic Americans - specifically
Blacks or African Americans - specifically
Asian American/Pacific Islanders - specifically
Low-Income and/or First-Generation College Students