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Astronomy Laboratory Exercises

Sponsoring Organization: 
General Education Astronomy Source (GEAS) of New Mexico State University (NMSU)

We have created a sixteen-week sequence of astronomy laboratory exercises, in the form of eight two-week projects. All materials are made available online, so that students may explore these exercises within a classroom or while working on their own remotely.

Astronomy Laboratory Exercises
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Other STEM Resource
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Students and instructors at the high school and college level are encouraged to use these exercises to explore the world of astronomy. Portions of the exercises are appropriate for younger children as well.
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These laboratory exercises may be explored online at http://astronomy.nmsu.edu/geas/labs/html/home.shtml
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Year Round
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The General Education Astronomy Source (GEAS)
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Las Cruces
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New Mexico State University
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Colleges and Universities
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