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AERO AV8R's - Southwest Learning Centers

Sponsoring Organization: 
Southwest Learning Centers

Our AERO (Aeronautical Education and Research Opportunities) AV8R Program introduces our students to the exciting and rewarding career fields found in aviation. As a technology-based preparatory school, we found that aviation offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the concepts found in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics. In the cockpit, pilots use algebra, trigonometry, geometry, earth science, physics, geography and communications on each and every flight. The practical application of these subject areas adds relevance to our students' educations and depth to their understanding.

Starting the fourth grade, aviation lessons are taught in the classrooms. In the seventh grade, our students can be a part of our AV8R's in the Wings program where they attend monthly meetings and field trips designed to expose them to the many facets of aviation. When they are sixteen and a half years old, they are eligible to enter our AERO AV8R Flight Academy and earn their Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot Certificate. In addition to becoming pilots, our AERO AV8R Flight Academy students begin their career tracks in either Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Design, Air Traffic Control, Airport Management, or Professional Pilots, to name a few.

This innovative program is one nine such programs in the nation and open to all students enrolled at Southwest Primary, Southwest Intermediate, or Southwest Secondary Learning Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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4-12th Grade
Eligibility Requirements: 
Students must be currently enrolled at Southwest Learning Center, a State-Chartered Charter School, and be in good academic standing
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Year Round
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Greg Roark
groark [at] sslc-nm.com
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Central Region
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