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RT : Congratulatios Makayla Gates! Makayla has been named a Top 40 Finalist in the Regeneron Science Talent Search and w…
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A one-day workshop for New Mexico STEM teachers will be offered on Apr 25 at 9am at Explora (1701 Mountain Rd. NW,…
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RT : Congrats to Machine Tool Technology student Teresa Kamradt. Theresa was a dental assistant before deciding to chang…
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RT : We are excited to be at the in Action event at the Roundhouse.
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RT : NMAS invites students who have done research to submit written papers for prizes and possible publication. Rules…
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RT : Sharpen your resume for Career Connections!
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RT : Any students from or or interested?? Application is still open!
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RT : The 2020 Best High Schools for STEM ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from th…
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RT : Engineering Ambassadors are at the NM Legislature today and met with Lt Governor Morales, Senator Cervantes and…
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RT : Would you like to learn about working in a data center? Check out the Facebook Operations Co-Op Program…
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