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NM Science Fiesta A Week-Long Celebration of Science! June 22-29, 2019 This is a week-long celebration…
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The Science Fiesta! Help us spread the word!
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RT : ⚠️Remodeling time⚠️ The M-Tech workshop is undergoing much-needed renovation. Over the next few months, the lab wil…
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RT : Come join Astronaut Mike Mullane as he talks about his life, his experiences in space, and more! details here:…
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UNM QuarkNet Center is sponsoring a free tour of the Los Alamos historical district, focusing on the science legacy…
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RT : You guys. is hiring 1900 people in Albuquerque for positions such as cybersecurity, aerospace, mechanic…
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NM Science Fiesta presents: FREE Teen Night at June 28th, 2019 Escape Room Science Lounge
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New Mexico students bringing home significant awards.
12 Months of Math and Explora