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Whether you are interested in fixing a car, helping people in a hospital, designing a building, or programming a robot, you are going to need those Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills! So here is what you have been looking for- real New Mexico scientists and engineers that can tell you why and how they put their knowledge to use in the real world. Watch the videos, courtesy of NM PBS, and check out over 100 STEM career profiles, courtesy of Science Buddies. There is bound to be something you are interested in, at any education level!

Did you know:
  • New Mexico will demand a total of 49,340 STEM jobs by 2018
  • 39% of STEM jobs will be in engineering and technician occupations by 2018
  • 93% of STEM jobs will require some college or technical training by 2018
  • STEM jobs pay a lot more! Check this out…

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    Career List - Provided and Powered by Science Buddies


    Bachelors Degree
    Aerospace Engineer
    Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technician
    Automotive Engineer In Demand!
    Biochemical Engineer In Demand!
    Biofuel or Biodiesel Technology & Product Development Manager In Demand!
    CAD Technician
    Chemical Engineer
    Civil Engineering Technician
    Civil Engineers In Demand!
    Commercial & Industrial Designer
    Electrical & Electronics Engineer
    Electrical Engineering Technician
    Energy Engineer In Demand!
    Engineering Manager
    Environmental Engineer
    Environmental Engineering Technician
    Fuel Cell Engineer In Demand!
    Geographic Information Systems Technician In Demand!
    Hydroelectric Plant Technician
    Industrial Engineer
    Landscape Architect
    Mapping Technician
    Marine Architect
    Materials Scientist and Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer
    Mechanical Engineering Technician
    Methane Gas Generation System Technician
    Nanosystems Engineer In Demand!
    Nuclear Engineer
    Petroleum Engineer
    Photonics Engineer In Demand!
    Photonics Technician In Demand!
    Robotics Engineer In Demand!
    Robotics Technician In Demand!
    Semiconductor Processor
    Solar Energy Systems Engineer In Demand!
    Solar Photovoltaic Installer
    Sustainability Specialist In Demand!
    Transportation Engineer In Demand!
    Water or Wastewater Engineer In Demand!
    Weatherization Installer or Technician In Demand!
    Wind Energy Engineer In Demand!
    Wind Turbine Service Technician

    Masters or Doctorate Degree
    Microsystems Engineer In Demand!
    Transportation Planner In Demand!