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Robot Alliance

The Robot Alliance represents all of New Mexico’s robot competitions and education programs. Members of the alliance have agreed to cross-promote all the other competitions and programs, as each offers a unique... read more

Rocket Workshop

Aiden's rocket built with 2 liter bottles and duct tape. It's not rocket science....well, maybe it is!! Join us for some rocket fun. We will develop and blast off our very own rocket creations. We start with simple straw rockets and work our way up to Egganautics. We will... read more

Safety & Ethics in Student Research

This workshop offers training and resources designed to help you and your students identify, clarify, and address safety & ethics challenges that frequently arise when designing, conducting, or reporting research...... read more

Sandia National Laboratories Family Math Nights

Family Math Night provides an evening of hands-on math activities held at local elementary schools. Students and parents work together on fun math games and activities. Sandia provides all materials and instructions. read more

Sandia National Laboratories Family Science Nights

Family Science Night provides an evening of hands-on science activities held at local elementary schools in the Albuquerque, NM and Livermore, CA communities. Students and parents work together to conduct simple inquiry... read more

Santa Fe Alliance for Science

SFAFS is an organization of more than 100 STEM professional volunteers in the Santa Fe area who work with students and teachers to help improve K-14 math and science education. SFAFS offers high school and community... read more

Santa Fe Science Cafés for Young Thinkers

Held 6 times per academic year, the purpose of this program is to introduce middle- and high school students to interesting topics in science and technology. Please see the Alliance website,, for a... read more

Science Advisors Program

The Science Advisors (SCIAD) Program services teachers and students K-12 with local STEM community resources for support with STEM instruction and activities. The program networks with STEM professionals in higher... read more

Science to Grow On

Science to Grow On is an engaging experience for children in kindergarten through third grade. In these classes, children learn about science by questioning, experiencing, and investigating. Participation of parents or... read more

Science Workshops for Teachers

Immerse yourself in science-rich experiences! We'll take an inquiry approach to learning that involves all participants in active exploration of physical materials to simulate minds and provide ideas to implement in the... read more